Best of Wedding Candids | 2021

Best Capture of Laughter, Joy, and Tears

Best Candids of 2021

What a year 2021 has been after going through, what we can all agree was the most craziest time of our lives these past two years. I just want to bring smiles to people faces from some of my favorite candid moments of the year and some moments that brought a tear to my eyes!

I love the epic portraits…. I do. I love perfect composition and controlled poses and great light… but at the end of the day, sometimes the images that make me feel MOST like a professional and a creative and an artist, are the candids. Capturing the moments that I have no control over takes skill and it requires me to think quickly on my feet. These images are why I love my job! Enjoy scrolling through some of the sweetest funniest and wildest moments of 2021!

Graffiti Pier
Fiancé crying in their wedding
people dancing in a wedding
bride and groom dancing at their wedding.
bride and groom dancing at their wedding.
Groom reading his letter to his bride during their wedding
People dancing in a wedding
bride and groom hugging each other
fiancés playing with each other
Couple having dinner
people laughing
bride dancing with her friends
groom posing for a photo
bride and groom dancing
bride and groom drinking a beer
bride holding her wedding bouquet
bride and groom dancing
groom thrilled with his wedding
people posing for a photo
groomsmen rehearsal a dancing
A groom singing to his bride
Bride and Groom having dinner in their wedding
bride and groom kissing
bride and groom dancing

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