Best Capture of Laughter, Joy, and Tears

wedding photography at Font Hill Castle
wedding photography at Font Hill Castle

Being a Philadelphia wedding photographer, I love capturing candid moments, and though I would say my style is classy candid, nothing beats looking back at some real unstaged moments. I love how much the couples and their guests are just enjoying the day and how much you can never expect the same moments at any wedding you work. I just want you to imagine your wedding day and if these are the type of photos and moments you desire in your wedding album.

I love candid portraits…. I do. I love the perfect composition, controlled poses, and great light… but at the end of the day, sometimes the images that make me feel MOST like a professional and a creative artist are the candids. Capturing the moments that I have no control over takes skill and it requires me to think quickly on my feet. These images are why I love my job! Enjoy scrolling through some of the sweetest, funniest, and wildest moments of 2022!

People dancing in a wedding

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