Cielo & Robert Wedding at the Bally Spring Inn

Philadelphia Wedding Photography at the Bally Spring Inn

If I tell you the weather that day was like the Day After Tomorrow, you might not believe me. On the drive to the venue, it rained the entire time. Then, it was sunny, and then there was a hail storm with cold winds. It was one of the wildest weather days that a photographer could ever experience. Cielo & Robert got married in Barto, PA at the Bally Spring Inn. Robert and Cielo met in 2007 while working at a Nursing Home in Philadelphia as nurses. Their first date was at Chili’s in South Philly, she is a sucker for the Molten Chocolate Cake!

Robert was acting a bit out of the ordinary for a few days around Christmas, but cielo didn’t think much of it. They decided to celebrate their first Christmas in their new home in 2018 with family and friends; Cielo aunt was acting stragenly that day and was carrying her bag around the house (apparently, she was the ring keeper). They had a gift exchange with the theme being “gifts from home,” and Cielo picked number one; they were all gag gifts. There was vinegar and soy sauce (Cielo is  Filipino, and we put that on everything!), paper towel, dish soap, and even a dead plant! When it was Cielos' turn, there was only one gift left and when she opened it, it was a box full of ring pops!! she was frustrated; obviously, she did not want ring pops, but Cielo looked up and saw Robert on one knee! He proposed in their living room in front of the most important people in their lives. Everyone knew about it except for her grandma and Cielos' two little cousins; they couldn’t be trusted with such a huge secret! 

Their love is so natural, and on the day of the wedding, their reading of each other's letters was one of the most magical moments I have ever experienced in my years of doing wedding photography. The day was so easy and free Cielo has always told me coming up to the wedding "I'm not worried about you, just let you creative mind flow" so it was super fun to be able to just do a wedding in a sense my way. Arriving was a battle because I had an issue with getting service at the location, so I couldnt find them at first. Luckily I ran into the make up artist in the parking lot who was able to direct us to the bridal suite. Once I arrived it was go time! 

It is so easy to shoot with a couple when you have done multiple other events with them before the wedding so stepping into the day and knowing I didn't have to learn my couple made the day so easy. Cielo was super creative with the day even though she stated "It wasn’t an intended “special detail,” but our wedding took an extra 729 days to happen." The wedding was canceled one week before the original date due to COVID, but their officiant (Rev. John Hayduk) was gracious enough to help them out and not let their marriage license go to waste. It was signed on the day they were scheduled to be married (3.28.20), and they were officially Mr. and Mrs.  About a week later we at Fisher Visuals (Donte Fisher, Fisher Visuals) helped them commemorate this special day with a photoshoot at Ridley Creek State Park. It took four rescheduled dates before they were finally able to celebrate with their loved ones on 3.26.22, and it was well worth the wait!

Cielo and Robert, your day was magical. I am so happy you guys chose the Fisher Visuals team to capture your day, and I will never forget the special moments we captured!

Philadephia Wedding Photography

PHOTOGRAPHER: Fisher Visuals
FLORIST: Riehs Florist
HAIR ARTIST: Happily Ever After Hair (Molly Woljten)
TUXES: Black Tux (only for Robert)
BRIDAL GOWN: David’s Bridal
Invitations: Shutterfly (and me!!)
COORDINATOR: Hasmik Yereghyan
VIDEOGRAPHER: JJohnson Experience
CAKE ARTIST: Brooklyn Girl Bakery (Peri Anderson)
MAKE-UP ARTIST: Recharge Beauty and Wellness (Robin Chism)
OFFICIANT: J. Hayduk Officiant

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