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I believe my passion for my work shines through my wedding photographs - and my clients feel the same way. To get a better understanding of how I work and what I can add to your wedding day, fill out the contact form and we can set up and video call.

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Can you recommend a trusted vendor?

Can you recommend a trusted videographer?

At Fisher Visuals, whatever vendor you need we have it! There is a full list of great vendors some that we have worked with, and some that we just love their work from us following and supporting each other to social media. Don't hesitate to ask I can even recommend vendors in other cities as well not just based in Philadelphia, PA

It is your lucky day we have one on staff! check out our services page and you will see that I have one included in packages.

Do you offer engagement shoots?

What is your time frame for returning photos or videos?

Yes, with each package booked I offer a free engagement shoot upon booking. Once we book and the 20% security deposit is paid, we will coordinate with you a date to do the Engagement shoot. In addition, I can also recommend locations if you need ideas!

We are glad you asked! Fisher Visuals is known for our work ethic and on the wedding day we will send you 10-20 wedding photos fully edited for your social media excitement and also for the family members that were not able to make it. For your full album once I get your selections back (let’s be honest what bride and groom wouldn't want to pick) I will get them back within a month. However, I have been known to get them back in a week at times! When it comes to wedding videos even though it is faster than the average time frame (you can google it) it will take close to 3-6months!