Bernard and Whitney Wedding at The Drexelbrook Catering & Event Center

The love of the blended family at The Drexelbrook......

Wedding Photographer at The Drexelbrook
Taking in the Drexelbrook with the Duckworths as they commit the love
On a cold, winter day, Bernard and Whitney’s wedding was a welcomed surprise. Not only was the venue (The Drexelbrook Catering and Event Center) breathtaking, as seen in the images below, but it captured the spirit of the day, joyous and filled with love.

Bernard and Whitney’s story is truly remarkable. They met through a mutual friend and had to endure the trials and tribulations of a long-distance relationship. Despite their circumstances, they remained committed to each other and their love, building a strong foundation that led to their phenomenal wedding day. On this day, Bernard’s affection for his wife was evident, from the way he watched her throughout the night to the way he came over to me to express his pride by simply saying, “Hey, that’s my wife.”

Bernard and Whitney, no one deserves such a beautifully designed day more than the two of you. The supportive and loving atmosphere during your wedding day serves as a testament to your love for each other. Cheers to you and to a fulfilling and healthy marriage.

Wedding Photographer at The Drexelbrook
Wedding Photographer at The Drexelbrook



PHOTOGRAPHER: Fisher Visuals

FLORIST: Lynda's Perfection Creations

BAND/DJ: Big Banga

HAIR ARTIST: DaniellesWeaveSalon

TUXES: ,Light In The Box

INVITATIONS: Etsy-TheDesignerMan

BRIDAL GOWN: David’s Bridal

VIDEOGRAPHER: J. Johnson Films in association with Fisher Visuals

CAKE ARTIST: Bredenbeck’s Bakery

MAKE-UP ARTIST: Tiffanyj.beautyllc

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