Chelsey and Ronnie were married at the lovely Platform Thirty in Manayunk, Pa. The day was sunny and extremely warm, but what wedding isn’t in August! Their love journey began during a weekend getaway in the Poconos in 2014 with mutual friends. It just so happens that Ronnie’s elementary school friends actually became Chelsey's Penn State college friends. Talk about a small world!!! Their first date took place in Ambler at Deterra. The relationship took off from that moment, and according to Chelsey, “It was so much fun.” 

Five years later, after dinner at the same restaurant as their first date, Ronnie proposed. As an extra surprise, Ronnie had their closest friends and family surprise her at their home to celebrate the special day and moment. This falls in line with them as a couple; Ronnie is the relaxed one while Chelsey is a ball of energy.

Ronnie proposed privately but knew Chelsey would enjoy the celebration afterward, so he made it happen. Their dynamic is incredible. Their love on the wedding day was on full display. They are an example of why I love doing the engagement shoot; couples don’t usually take photos together, so having that chance to get the nerves out in a private setting always helps. On the wedding day, they felt extremely comfortable being in front of the camera and that is displayed in multiple ways throughout their wedding album. 

The wedding day had an amazing flow. We discussed it the week before, and it worked out so well. We had one hiccup, but it wouldn’t be a wedding if everything went perfectly. Chelsey is a super bride because most of the elements in the wedding were handmade/DIY(do it yourself).

Taking inspiration from walks outside in combination with the groom loving the color purple. Things started to come together over time. She would go to Goodwill on Saturdays, and local thrift and vintage stores collecting gold mirrors for the signage. She purchased a Cricut and made the invitations by pressing flowers she would get each week over time.

According to Chelsey, “Each invitation was custom made and so much fun to create and see it all together.” There is even a link to the tik tok! The signage at the wedding was the product of those trips to the thrift store. The signature drinks were Otto and Twister, their cats. They were also the cake toppers and the signature cocktail napkins. Their florist grew her flowers in her backyard. When I said super bride, I meant it.

Chelsey and Ronnie, although we are sad that our time is over, we would like to say thank you for choosing us to be your Wedding Photographers. Your wedding was beautiful and watching you dance with your dad and hearing his speech had us in tears. Ronnie, your brother's speech was classic. I hope this will not be the end of us working together, but if it is, I will be watching from afar and cheering you both on in your new adventures together.

P.S. Fingers crossed we get this cover! 

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