Jen & Rob Wedding at RiverCrest Golf Club & Preserve

Wedding Photography at Rivercrest Golf Club

Jen and Rob got married in Phoenixville, PA at the Rivercrest Golf Club & Preserve. Their love story began when they met at Buffalo Wild Wings where they both worked at the time. Their wedding journey was to follow; Rob proposed during a family vacation where Jen was celebrating her mother’s birthday in Ocean City, Maryland.

While her family was singing happy birthday to her mom, Rob was behind Jen on one knee; she turned around to face him and the biggest surprise of her life. Little did she know Rob would be her future husband when they had their first date, eating Dominos and watching a movie in his room. On their wedding day, Jen and Rob were super relaxed. It could be because they didn't want Jen to get too excited since she was pregnant or that they knew it was their forever love, and the wedding was just the finishing touch. Either way, there were no signs of jitters. It was beautiful to watch knowing Jen; she has always been the protector for everyone, friends, and family, so it was like she finally found her protector, which was so beautiful to see. The day was perfectly organized and everything flowed. The wedding coordinator was exceptional in coordinating all the details. It was great working with Michelle, and I can’t wait to do it again in the future. Some of the most personal touches came from Jen’s family. Her mom made all of the flowers for the wedding; one of her sisters, Cindy, made acrylic signs, and her sister-in-law, Emily, created framed signs. Rob created and designed their save the dates and made all of the groomsmen’s shoes, while Cindy and Jyl made Jen’s shoes. The wedding day was complete with beautiful weather, 70 degrees, and clear skies. This wedding was extra special for me since Jen and I  have been friends for seventeen years. I can't believe you're married. I am so happy to watch you grow into the beautiful woman you are today and the amazing mom and wife you have become. I know Rob is your superman because I see the way you look at him when he is around you from our engagement session where I saw you for the first time in years to your wedding day when you looked at him across from you. To the Erbs: I can't wait to watch your love flourish over the years.

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